Posted by: katiecrawford | April 28, 2009

Marriott Ranking High

Marriott On April 22, 2009 a news release article was published on PR Newswire titled Marriott Wins Big Rewards by Going Hi-Tech…and Low Energy. The artile discussed how Computerworld magazine ranked the Marriott number eleven on “Top 12 Green IT Companies” list. The Marriott “is only one of two companies to make the list again this year. Computerworld recognized Marriott for its innovative efforts to makes its hi-tech operations even more energy efficient and less wasteful”.

Marriott has been striving to succeed in environmental achievements. Through the ” development of a new underground data center that takes advantage of the naturally cool environment to reduce power consumption,” it is still to enhance business. Marriott has created a strategy to address issues such as, climate change. The environmental strategy plan calls for:

  • Greening its $10 billion supply chain (reducing fuel and water consumption)
  • Creating green construction standards for hotel developers to achieve LEED certification
  • Educating and inspiring employees and guests to support environment

While reading this news release, I was really impressed with Marriott’s efforts to beome more green. Marriott has done so much to improve its efforts in creating a full proof environmental strategy. I hope that other companies will see have efficient this strategy will be and soon follow in Marriott’s foot step. We all need to do our part in protecting the environment.  Marriott has truly been a great leader in environmental efforts. So Marriott give yourself a big pat on the back! Way to go!



  1. I recently stayed in the Marriott on Times Square while in New York on a school trip. I think I remember seeing a few things about Marriott’s green initiative, but I definitely think they should have more things posted there to show their advancements. Thanks for the info!

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