Posted by: katiecrawford | April 28, 2009

Join the Mic!

PROpenMicThis semester in Barbara Nixon’s class we were urged to join PROpenMic. PROpenMic is a social network for students, faculty, and practioners. The website hosts forums, events, and chats.

Through PROpenMic you can connect with a wide network of people in the public relations field. Making connections is what this site is all about. I joined just a few months ago and I am constantly receiving e-mails about new discussions posted on PROpenMic. If you want a way to keep up on events in public relations this is the place to be. There is so much I have learned from PROpenMic and I am glad my professor urged me to join.

Another great thing about PROpenMic is the job and interns services. Through this site you can search jobs or interns in the public relations field. Right now companies are seeking interns via online auditions.

PROpenMic has so many advantages to joining and the best part is it’s FREE. So what are you waiting for. Go to PROpenMic and join the buzz. Believe me you will not regret this one!



  1. Very informative about what PROpenMic is and what it does and the advantages that can come from joining it.

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  3. I AGREE! I joined this site after Mrs. Nixon told us about it in class and I think it’s just great. I even found the person to interview for our assignment on there. I am excited to meet more people and use it more for sure! Everyone interested in PR and networking should join PROpenMic!

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  5. I also joined PROpenMic but I have not used it much but reading this I’ll look into it more. Very helpful!

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