Posted by: katiecrawford | April 27, 2009

Rentals by Owners: Vacation Dream Homes

VRBOSummertime is just around the corner and that means booking your vacations! For the last two years I have fallen in love with vacation rentals by owners (VRBO). VRBO is one of the top ranked sites with over a million vacation homes, apartments, condos, villas, and beach houses. These rentals range in location from Hilton Head Island, South Carolina to Europe.

For this summer, we have already rented two vacation homes; one in Amelia Island and another in Hilton Head Island. The great thing about rentals by owners is the price. Most owners do not charge outrageous fees for cleaning or deposit because they are not having to go through a company. There are so many advantages to rental through the owner rather than just staying in a hotel room. Here are some of the advantages:

  • More space at a reduced rate (have more room and still pay less)
  • Kitchen facilities (cook at home instead of spending money to eat out)
  • Comfort (personal and convenience items at your fingertips)
  • Home owner’s knowledge (most owners give you tips to saving money while on vacation and tell you about the best local spots)

Each rentals contains at least one photo of the property (most of them contain more than 5) and the nightly, weekly, and even monthly rates. I highly recommend that the next time you are looking for a rental to go on VRBO. It’s a decision you will not regret!!


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