Posted by: katiecrawford | April 27, 2009

Reach for Stars and Touch the Moon

NASAToday I read a news release at PR Newswire titled Touch the Moon this Saturday at NASA Exhibit in Tulsa that stated “Visitors will have the rare opportunity to touch a 3-billion-year-old moon rock from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, May 2, in the new NASA Driven to Explore traveling exhibit at the Tulsa Air and Space Museum“. It is one of only seven rocks that are allowed to be touched!

The rock was brought back by the astronauts of Apollo 17 in 1972. This has been “American’s last human mission to the moon”. This year marks of the 50th anniversary of NASA. They continue to celebrate as “Driven to Explore offers visitors a look at America’s newest space program, Constellation, designed to return humans to the moon and beyond”. The exhibit will also offer models of the new space craft being developed and details about all the accomplishments of the space shuttle, it’s exploration, and the International Space Station. This will truly be and event that you will not want to miss!

It is hard to imagine that only a few decades ago we were making our very first trip to the moon. We have come so far this past couple of decades and it mind blowing to think that we can actually touch a rock that has been taken from the moon! I think that NASA is doing a great job bringing this new world literally to our fingertips. Way to go!


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