Posted by: katiecrawford | April 26, 2009

An Engagement to Remember

whiteorchidOn Saturday, April 25th, 2009 my boyfriend Adam and I attended an engagement party for a friend of his, Beth Treado. The party was in Augusta, Georgia where I am from so it was a must to stop by and visit the family.

The party was at the house of some family friends of Beth on an old plantation. As Adam and I approached the house we felt as if we had taken a trip back in time to the colonial days. A graveled circular driveway to you right to the front door that was surrounded by huge white columns. The back porch wrapped around the house and overlooked the sparkling blue waters of the Savannah River. A spiral staircase leads you up three floors. Turning to the left on the third floor, you will a bookcase that opens and takes you to the landing on the top of the house.

The party was an event to remember. The food, catered by the Garlic Clove, was delicious and homemade lemonade was a refreshing sip of summer. Adam and I are so happy for Beth and her fiance Brian. You couldn’t ask for a nicer couple. It is so nice to see how excited they are to begin their lives together this coming January.

Tonight I left remembering this evening as one not to be forgotten. The home was beautiful, the people were as nice as can be, and the couple was happier than ever. This was truly a night of love!


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