Posted by: katiecrawford | April 23, 2009

Whale Wars Gets Personal!

WhaleWarsOn April 20, 2009, Kimberly Maul published an article on PRWeekUS titled Animal Planet plans ‘Whale’ of a PR Strategy. The article discussed how Animal Planet is increasing its media relations with the show Whale Wars.

Whale Wars is a program that is premering it’s second season in June. “The show follows the ship ‘The Steve Irwin’ as it intervenes with Japanese whalers to save whales”. Animal Planet is trying to develop a storyline with the cast of the ship so that viewers will get to know their personalities. Brain Eley, the director of communication for Animal Planet, hopes to “shed spotlight on…the lengths people go to stand up for what they believe in”.

The campaign for the show will begin soon “with an article in the June issue of Outside magazine” and the show will air on June 5, 2009. Animal Planet is working on Twitter and Facebook to make the cast members a page for the show. Animal Planet is throwing this strategy plan into full force with scheduling cast members to speak on morning, daytime, and night shows. They hope this strategy will draw viewers closer to the personalities of the crew.

I am excited to see what happens with the show. As I was reading this article one show that came into my mind was Deadliest Catch on Discovery ChannelDeadliest Catch shows the daily stuggles of fisherman hunting for crabs. It will be interesting to see how the rating do this season for both the, Deadliest Catch and Whale Wars.


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