Posted by: katiecrawford | April 22, 2009

Finals=Stressful students

Stressful StudyingIt’s that time of the year again! Finals are just around the corner and teachers are still piling on the work. Finals week increase every students stress level and even pushes some students passed their breaking points. Although I am just as stressed as the next students I found some study tips from that have really helped me during these tough times.

Some of the tips include:

  • Time management: Plan, Plan, Plan.  Before finals begin, get out your calendar and schedule as much of your finals week as possible. Then stick to the schedule.
  • Schedule in Study Breaks: Don’t plan to study non-stop for the next five days. You’ll go insane and you’ll be too fried to do well on exams. When you write your scheduled, include short breaks to help you recharge
  • Free your schedule: As much as possible, eliminate other responsibilities. Work fewer hours. Put off social events. Definitely put off shopping.
  • Exercise: There’s no better source for stress relief. Just don’t do it to the point that your procrastinating heavily. Go for short, stress-relieving activities like racquetball or a treadmill run. And don’t overestimate the value of a brisk walk

All of these tips have really helped me in the past. It is so important to put things in perspective so that you can get all your work done. I have found that by making a list everyday of the things that need to be completed, I am more efficient in getting them done. So don’t worry fellow students. We are all in the same boat. In just a few weeks finals will be over and you can catch some sun. Just take deep breaths and face finals week head on!



  1. wow this was good. thanks for posting 🙂
    check out my blog:

  2. yea finals week is definitely the most stressful time in college. These are some really good tips! especially about working out, that really is a major stress reliever!

  3. […] for Finals Week I commented on Katie Crawford’s blog: Finals=Stressful Students on April 22,2009. She gave some great study tips to help students prepare for finals […]

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