Posted by: katiecrawford | April 20, 2009

News Releases: Get in the News

Press ReleaseToday on April 20, 2oo9 in Barbara Nixon’s class we learned about news releases, media kits, fact sheets, and pitching.

We began by getting into groups and defining, in our own words, the word news. I defined news as information that is currently taking place that affects something or someone. After sharing my definition with my group, Professor Nixon gave us her definition explaining that news is in the eye of beholder. It is timely and is of interest to a particular group. This made sense because something that deals with Georgia Southern affects me so it’s to me, but to someone who does not go to GSU may not be affected; therefore it is not news to them.

Next we began to discuss news releases. I was unaware that press releases and news releases are the same thing. I always thought there was a difference between the two. Professor Nixon explained how Ivy Lee was the father of news releases. A press or news release is a story that you write with the hope of having it published on a mass media channel such as the television, radio, internet, or newspaper. We learned that reporters rely on news releases because they can gather information about the company and it saves them time. Sometimes reporters will publish press releases “as is”. Most of the time the writer of the press release will not be recognized, but this is a good thing because people are more likely to believe an “unbiased” reporter.

The most interesting thing I learned from today’s class was “inverted pyramid” writing. This simply means to write the most important information in the top and less important information at the bottom. The reason for this is because most people will not read past the first paragraph.

I learned so much today and I cannot wait to write my very first press release!


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