Posted by: katiecrawford | April 18, 2009

Birthday Trip to Savannah

Girls Day OutToday, April 18, 2009 marks the 78th birthday of my grandmother, Anne Cheney (or as us grandkids call her, Annie). For her birthday my mom and I decided to take her to Savannah, Georgia for the day and eat at Lady & Sons restaurant.Lady & Sons restaurant is owned and operated by Food Network celebrity chef Paula Deen and her two sons Jamie and Bobby. My grandmother is a huge fan and we felt that it was only fair that we take her to Paula’s restaurant.

As we arrived in Savannah we quickly rushed over to West Cross Street where the restaurant is and get in line to make a reservation. Lady & Sons begins taking reservations for the day at 9:30 a.m. We got there at 9:50 and the line was already down the sidewalk. After waiting for a little while, we finally got a 2:45 lunch reservation. Having a while until lunch we walked the streets and squares of Savannah laughing, reminiscing, and looking at beautiful historic sites. I also had the chance to take them by St. John the Baptist Cathedral where my boyfriend and I attend church.

When the time finally came for lunch, Annie was so excited. As we had the Lady & Sons experience, I began to realize that these moments do not happen often enough. We should be taking trips like this all the time. I love spending time with my mom and grandmother. They make me proud of where I came from. Today was a wonderful and I hope that very soon we are doing this again!!


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