Posted by: katiecrawford | April 15, 2009

Domino’s Case Study

Domino's PizzaToday on April 15th in Barbara Nixon’s class we were shown a video that was put out on the web just a few days ago on YouTube titled Disgusting Dominos People. The video displayed two workers at Domino’s pizza doing some unexcusible things to the food. Many have been calling this the Domino’s PR Disaster and it has been viewed by almost a million people already. As you can see while watching the video, it states that the two individuals have been fired, although they stated that the video was merely a joke and the food was never sent out.

For our assignment, we were to get into groups and do a case study to ask ourselves what we would do if we were corporate of Domino’s. We had to answer the questions what do we need to know more about and how should we respond. My group also discussed how the spread of this video could have been lessened.

We discussed that we needed to know more about the following things:

  1. Where is this Domino’s?
  2. Who is the manager?
  3. Who originally posted the video?
  4. Is this problem going on at any other Domino’s locations?
  5. How long have those two employees worked for Domino’s?
  6. Was the order sent? And if so to who?

We felt that if we were corporate we would respond by publicly apologizing and assuring people that those two individuals were fired. We also felt that if Domino’s had of had more social media monitoring that this video would not have gotten as far as it did.


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