Posted by: katiecrawford | April 14, 2009

Just Another Day in April

White FaceToday on April 13 in Barbara Nixon’s class, we began by talking about the 2009 Statesboro Film Festival that is taking place on Thursday, April 16th. The film festival is open to all who wish to participate and awards will be given to Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, and Viewer’s Choice. This event struck my interests because I hope to one day be able to place events such as this one.

We also viewed a PREVIEW ONLY version of the short film called White Face debued in 2001. This comical film depicts the struggles clowns (minorities) go through based on the way they look and the way people preceive them. Although we only got to watch 3 minutes of the film I found it to be very interesting. Out of the four scenes in the film, we saw the Healthcare Facility scene where Dr. Howard Blinky explains that patients will not accept him as a reputable doctor because he is a clown. After watching the scene we discussed who was the “loser” in this situation. The class decided that the patient, Dr. Blinky, and the hospital (if the patient decided to go elsewhere) were all losers.

Through watching this video I realized that it is important for businesses to accept everyone for the way they are. If you have a very diverse business then you will have a variety of consumers that want to be apart of what you stand for. I hope that soon we can see the film in it’s entirety so that this matter can be discussed further.


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