Posted by: katiecrawford | April 13, 2009

An Augusta Tradition

AugustaEvery spring Augusta, Georgia perpares for an event that takes place the first full week in April, it is known as the Masters Golf Tournament. The tournament takes place at the beautiful Augusta National Golf Course in the heart of Augusta, Georgia. Millions of people come from all over every year to watch the worlds best golfers compete in a 4-day tournament to win the very respectable green jacket.

Going to the Masters is an event that some only dream of doing, but every year that dream becomes a reality for many. This year I had to pleasure of going on Saturday, April 11th with my boyfriend Adam. As we walked into Gate 6-A, thousands of people walked along side us, all having the same goal; getting to the course. As you walk on the course at the Masters, you feel as if you are in a painting. The grass is a crisp, green color and the azalea bushes are breathtaking. And although the scenery is beautiful, the food is also worth the trip.

 I would have to say the food at the Masters is the least expensive of tournament anywhere. Sandwiches are made fresh daily from egg salad (my favorite) or BBQ and beer is always on tap. Adam and I spent the whole day walking the course, eating those delicious sandwiches, and seeing famous golfers such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and 2009 Masters Champion Angel Cabrera.

This year’s tournament was amazing and I am so glad I got a chance to experience it all. The Masters is truly an Augusta tradition.


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