Posted by: katiecrawford | April 8, 2009

Reaching a Multicultural and Diverse Audience (CH.11)

multicultural-clubChapter 11 in the text Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics by Wilcox and Cameron takes a look at the media reaches multicultural and diverse audiences.

One section of this chapter I found to be very interesting was how to reach diverse age groups. The age groups are divided into three separate groups:

  • Youth and Young Adults (PR professionals understand the importance of the youth market. This group is important “because they influence their parents’ buying decisions, have their own purchasing power, and will mature into adult consumers”(Wilcox and Cameron 279))
  • Baby Boomers (This age group is defined as those individuals born between 1946 and 1964. “Baby boomers unlike their parents’ generation, have grown up in an age of prosperity and continue to have few qualms about spending on consumer goods instead of saving for retirement” (Wilcox and Cameron 280))
  • Seniors (This group is defined as men and women over the age of 65. To appeal to this group, stereotypes such as “old folks” should try to be ignored.)

The next section in this chapter deals with other emerging audiences such as Catholic and Evangelical groups, the gay/lesbian community, the disability community, and women. In order for public relations people to reach these new emerging audiences, they must pay attention to them. For example, the movie The Passion of the Christ reaches out to religious groups and serve as focal points “around which such groups express their values and concerns” (Wilcox and Cameron 289).

This chapter was interesting to me because it gave insight to how public relations people view us in groups rather than as a whole!


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