Posted by: katiecrawford | April 7, 2009

PR During Times of Crisis

crisis2Today was the first day in April for my public relations class with Barbara Nixon and we discussed PR during times of crisis. To begin class Professor Nixon defined the term crisis as “a non-routine event that risks undesired visibility that in turn threatens significant reputational damage.” What was interesting to me was that she brought up the event of a plane crash to an airline company and asked the class if this was a crisis according to the definition given. To my surprise it wasn’t. The reason a plane crash would not be a crisis to an airline company would be because it is an expected event that could possibly take place. Whereas the definition of crisis says that it is a non-routine event. 

Another issue we talked about was the crisis of Smarties right now in the media. According to an article called Not Smart(ies) on Fox News doctors warn of the dangers of kids ‘smoking’ Smarties candy.

Today I learned that in order to deal with a crisis you have to be prepared for crisis. According to the lecture, the best way to be prepared for a crisis is to have a crisis communication kit. This kit includes elements such as crisis team members contact information, fact sheets of company, profiles and biography of key managers, copies of company logos, pre-written scripts, and much more. Having all this information in a kit will help a crisis team take control of the situation and get the company back in on track!


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