Posted by: katiecrawford | March 30, 2009

Seth Godin on Tribes

On Monday, March 23 Barbara Nixon’s class was cancelled. In place of class we were told to watch a video that was of Seth Godin discussing his newest book titled Tribes. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but as a continued to watch the video I became more and more intrigued. Seth Godin on Tribes discussed how to build and lead your tribes.



When I first began the video, my main question was simple. What did the word “tribes” actually mean? As I continued to listen to Seth Godin, I began to understand exactly what he was talking about and I was very surprised at what the term “tribes” meant.  He explained how all we want is more; more sells, more connections, and more ideas. All we truly want is more. Godin spoke about friends, whose tribe he was a part of. He was a part of these tribes because he was a part of these groups. But the most interesting part is through these tribes he has made connections with other people and been influenced by their thoughts. Tribes can be work, church, or anywhere groups can form. I learned that if we want to grow we have to make ourselves apart of these tribes. If we speak, people will listen to what we have to say. Godwin explains that tribes are looking for leaders. Groups need leaders and they want to be lead.

I very much enjoyed watching this video and I hope to learn more about Seth Godin’s future works. He kept me very entertained and made me want to listen to what he had to say. I guess you could call him a leader!



  1. Hey, I felt the same way. I didn’t know what tribes were or what they could be considered. Yeah, this video helped me out with that too!

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  3. Interesting reaction to the word “tribes.” I think Seth Godin intentionally picks titles that will make people ask, “what’s he talking about?”

    I did the same thing with the book, Purple Cow.

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