Posted by: katiecrawford | March 25, 2009

Evaluation: The Final Step


On Wednesday, March 25, Barbara Nixon’s class discussed the final step in the public relations process; evaluation. We looked at basic evaluations questions that practitioner should ask:

o    Was the activity or program adequately planned?

o    Did the recipients of the message understand it?

o    How could the program strategy have been more effective?

o    Were all primary and secondary audiences reached?

o    Was the desired organizational objective achieved?

o    What unforeseen circumstances affected the success of the program or activity?

o    Did the program or activity fall within the budget set for it?

o   What steps can be taken to improve the success of similar future activities?

After discussing questions, Professor Nixon asked us about how we could find what people are saying about the company we work for. She explained that there are media monitoring companies such as, Custom Scoop, that do this for a price. Another topic we touched on was communication audits. A communication audit insures that the public is receiving the appropriate messages. There are three ways to conduct communication audits:

1. Analyze all communications activities

2. Informal interviews with employees, middle management, and top executives

3. Interview outside the company


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