Posted by: katiecrawford | March 25, 2009

Chapter 5: Research



Chapter 5 in the text Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics  by Wilcox and Cameron looks into the first process or step in Public Relations. This first step is research. “Research is the basic groundwork of any public relations program” (Wilcox and Cameron 148). The research process includes finding information that is useful. There are three different types of research; secondary, qualitative, and quantitative.

Secondary research “begins by doing archival research, which reviews the organization’s data on sales, profile of customers, and so on” (Wilcox and Cameron 148). This type of research also includes online sources as well as library sources.

Qualitative research is used “to gain insights into how individuals behave, think, and make decisions” (Wilcox and Cameron 148). There are techniques used by researchers to get these insights such as interviews, copy testing, and focus groups.

Quantitative research “demands scientific rigor and proper sampling procedures so that information can be representative of the general population” (Wilcox and Cameron 148). The most common type of sampling done for this type of research is random sampling.



(Information in this blog was from:
Wilcox, Dennis L., and Glen T. Cameron. Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics. Danbury: Allyn & Bacon, Incorporated, 2008.)


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