Posted by: katiecrawford | March 24, 2009

What is Ethics? A look at Chapter 3


Chapter 3 in the text Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics by Wilcox and Cameron takes a look at ethics and professionalism. Ethics “focuses on questions about what is right  or wrong, fair or unfair, caring or uncaring, good or bad, responsible or irresponsible, and the like” according to the book Methods of Analysis.

In this chapter, the text looks at what ethics are, the roles of professional organizations, codes of conduct, professionalism, and much much more. One topic that really interested me was the Professional Codes of Conduct. The text explained how “every national public relations organization has a code of ethics…most organizations place heavy emphasis on educating their members about professional standards rather than having a highly structured grievance process in place” (Wilcox and Cameron 77).  The text lists several codes for specific situations such as financial information and video news releases. I feel that it is very important to follow ethical guidelines in everything that you do. It is often hard to determine what is right from what needs to be done.


(Information in this blog was from:
Wilcox, Dennis L., and Glen T. Cameron. Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics. Danbury: Allyn & Bacon, Incorporated, 2008.)


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