Posted by: katiecrawford | March 24, 2009

Second Week in March…Communication!

CommunicationOn Monday, March 9th, in Barbara Nixon’s class we discussed the third process (step) in public relations; communication. My text Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics by Wilcox and Cameron describes this step as an execution. Professor Nixon explained how the execution should be appropriate, meaningful, memorable, understandable, and believable. We also discussed the PR’s objective and the two types of audiences. Although I found this information very interesting, one activity really made me understand the communication process.

We were asked to get into groups and draw how communication worked. At first, I wasn’t really sure what to draw, but then as my group and I began brainstorming we found it to be easier than we thought. We drew two people on a sheet of paper; one sending the message and the other receiving the message. Once everyone turned their sheets in the class got to see the true communication process. It was much more involved than the one we had drawn and it included a decoder, interpreter, and an encoder. Although this activity was short I really enjoyed working in groups and learning what communication is all about!

(Information in this blog was from:
Wilcox, Dennis L., and Glen T. Cameron. Public Relations: Strategies and Tactics. Danbury: Allyn & Bacon, Incorporated, 2008.)


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