Posted by: katiecrawford | March 3, 2009

We are Finally in MARCH!

On Monday, March 2 in Barbara Nixon’s class we discussed PR and research. We looked at questions dealing with research. Some of these questions included what is the problem, how much will the research cost, and how will the results of the research be used. Our professor Barbara Nixon explained that sometimes conducting a simple survey might not seem like the cost would be high, but if you look at the time it is taking away from employees doing their real work it can sometimes not be very cost efficient.

Another aspect of research we looked at was how PR people use research. There were several answers the class came up with, but a few of them where very interesting to me. One dealt with preventing crisis. The example the professor used in class was the Motrin Moms issue. It is better to know how to deal with issues that could arise just to be on the safe side.

Click here to see commercial!

Our class also discussed the term post mortem when looking at the results of the research. Post mortem simply means to look back and analyze what went right and what went wrong to help with future research.

Today was filled with lots of interesting topics that I am sure will be needed in the near future!


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