Posted by: katiecrawford | March 3, 2009

Seeking a Job: Top 10 Tips

IKEA Job InterviewFinding a job in this economy is no easy task, but lets not forget some tips that will put you at the top of your future employers list.

1. Know the job you are applying for. Understand what the company does and the company’s history.

2. Wear appropriate business attire on the day of the interview.

3. Be sure to turn OFF all electronics before preceding with the interview process.

4. Practice for the interview. Think of your best attributes and have them on hand when asked about yourself.

5. Show enthusiasm for the job.

6. Bring a small notepad and pen so that you are prepared.

7. Write down all names of interviewers. (You will need this to send thank you notes)

8. Have a list of questions written down that you would like to be answered at the end of the interview. (This helps in case you forget)

9.  Be sure to thank each interviewer personally before leaving.

10. Immediately after the interview send a follow up thank you note to each interviewer. (Hand written is best)

Although times are tough and jobs are few, follow these simple tips and be on top of your game for your next interview!


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