Posted by: katiecrawford | February 4, 2009

Evolution of Public Relations

On Monday, Barbara Nixon’s class broke into groups and each group was assigned in era. After discussing what we thought was the most important aspects of our era we split up to form another group to and presented those aspects to other eras. The era my group was assigned was Public Relations Pioneers which was from 1900 to 1950.

During this era many started to accept publicity and thus the first agency was formed in Boston called the Publicity Bureau. Some public relations pioneers we discussed in our group were Samuel Insull, Henry Ford, and Teddy Roosevelt. President Roosevelt was important to this era because he was the first to use press interviews and news conferences. There were so many pioneers discussed, but one that surprised me was Edward Bernays not because he was a pioneer, but because of his campaigns. Bernays is known as the father of modern public relations. During the time of his career he had several successful campaigns, but the one that came as a surprise was Ivory Soap. Some of his other campaigns were Ballet Russe and Light’s Golden Jubilee. Moving from Edward Bernays my group discussed some other pioneers such as Eleanor Lambert and Moss Kendrix. These two pioneers were so important because Lambert was the first in fashion public relations and Kendrix was the first African American in public relations. Even though we only got to discuss our era for a short period of time, I felt that I learned a lot about the significance of the history of public relations. I realized that I can learn about my desired profession unless I know the foundation of it first. I hope by taking my public relations class my foundation will start to be built.

(Information in this blog was from:
Wilcox, Dennis L., and Glen T. Cameron. Public Relations : Strategies and Tactics. Danbury: Allyn & Bacon, Incorporated, 2008.)


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