Posted by: katiecrawford | January 29, 2009

My Very FIRST Week of Twitter

The first day of using Twitter I can remembering thinking to myself and probably saying out loud, “this is so stupid an a waste of our time.” I was frustrated and found others frustrated as well. That night I decided to explore the world of Twitter and see exactly what it was about. As I began to “follow” people and I saw that people were “following” me, my opinions slowly started to change. Those whom I was following were classmates, corporations, PRESIDENT Obama and others dealing with public relations. They were making constant updates or tweets on Twitter; some funny and some of more serious matters. I was so intrigued by how often people were making tweets and how much I was myself. Twitter gone from being a nuisance to a joy. I like seeing what my classmates think about class topics and what corporations like Comcast find to be important information. This week has definitely been interesting, but even though it is coming to an end I truly believe that I will remain using Twitter. Although I might not make a tweet everyday, I will continue to view other’s updates. I find that it has been very valuable to me because most of the time reading other’s updates answers all of my questions. Join Twitter if you can and maybe some of your questions will be answered.



  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the One Week of Twitter experience. It’s good to hear that you’re understanding the power it may have in the life of a PR professional.

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